Forgive the radio Sience

I'm away from the studio for a couple of weeks, working out of my father's house in the great state of Texas.

Convention season is finally over for me, and what a wonderful year of traveling it was. Even the con that I hate, The San Diego Comicon was awesome. This year I attended the Emerald City Comicon, Pax East, San Diego, GenCon, and PAX Prime. My goal was only to hit three shows this year and I overshot by one. But GenCon was amazing and I'll be going back next year and setting up a booth for sure.

There are a lot of amazing cons I missed this year too. Really amazing cons. Let's see...Heroes Con, Calgary Expo, Baltimore, SPX, I mean...jeez. There's just no way. Convention going is a young man's game for sure. Whoo!

Anyway, forgive the radio silence these next couple of weeks. We have amazing things to announce for the fall so stay tuned.

And of course, come back to PvP and Table Titans daily for fresh and free content.