New Mortifera
New Table Titans

PAX Prime & Acquisitions Inc Merch!


Table Titans and Penny Arcade are joining forces to bring you, for the first time ever, official Acquisitions Incorporated merchandise.

After fierce negotiations with CEO Omin Dran we are able to begin offering you real AI merchandise, and your first opportunity to pick some up is at PAX PRIME starting today!

Visit the Table Titans / Acquisitions Inc booth in the Atrium 4th floor south lobby, right next to the Penny Arcade merch booth. We'll be selling the Premiere Acq Inc Tee along with a slew of other goodies like the Bronzebottom Brewery shirt and Beholder dice bags.


Show your fealty to the team by wearing your new tee shirt to our live show Friday night at 8:30pm in Beneroya Hall.

There's much more merch to come so stay tuned to this website. This PAX is only the beginning.