Val figure - pre order

I'm so excited I finally get to type these words: the pre-order for our Val the Barbarian vinyl figure is live.

This project started in San Diego two years ago after I bought a comission from an amazing animator/illustrator named Victoria Ying. Victoria painted a watercolor of Val for me and the moment I showed it to everyone back at the booth, they freaked. Guy Brand, who runs said "We should make a vinyl out of that." I ran back over to Victoria's booth hoping she would want to work with us on such a project. Two years later, the figure is done and ready for sale.

Two years?! Well...big projects like this take a lot of time and investment, especially when you want to get them right. I'm glad we took our time with this. We put everything into making it as good as we could. We toiled over it and I think it shows.

This figure embodies everything fans of Table Titans have come to love about Val, both in and out of the campaign.  From her fierce focus on the the fight to her dedication and love of tabletop gaming. Victoria's captured in one triumphant expression the essense of Val.

The figure comes with a mini-beholder figure that Val has vanquished, AND if you pre-order now, you will also get a mini-mimic figure that you can swap out.

The Val figure is on pre-sale now at