New Table Titans

pax south

We are headed to PAX SOUTH!

The whole Kurtz clan is making the trek to San Antonio, Texas for the inaugural Pax South. I will have a table in Bandland and will be waiting to meet all of you. I'll have some things for sale, if you're interested. We made an official Pinny Arcade pin for our first Pax South. We call it "the giddyup pin" and it features Scrach Fury atop a saddled Kirby the baseet hound. This will be the first opportunity to get this pin, and we made a small amount, so stop by the booth early to secure one for your collection.

We will also have our new custom plush 3D dice bags for sale. Both the Scratch Fury and Beholder bags will be available at the show. If you're a fan of PvP and Table Titans we'll have a bevy of books, pads, and shirts for you to pick up. And remember, if you cosplay as any of our characters, you get some free original art from me. So please stop by the booth if you're in costume. We love cosplay!

My brother and my father will both be attending the show and will be sitting with me at the booth I'm sure. Dad will be handing out free life advice, although I can not guarantee you will like the advice. We're also all three doing a panel together:

An Evening with the Kurtz Family - Saturday, 6:30-7:30, Falcon theatre

Join cartoonist/auteur Scott Kurtz as he is joined onstage by Brian and Frank "Papa" Kurtz, (his brother and father), to reminisce on their childhood and growing up with a father who gamed. Stories, nostalgia, dysfunction, and love. Just like your family, only not.

All this and BBQ on the riverwalk? I can't wait. Hope to see you all there!